ATTENTION INDEPENDENT HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: Our partnership with Independent Healthcare providers that value employee productivity, cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance, helps them meet the requirement for Meaningful Use attestation, see more patients in less time and get paid faster with a money back guarantee 60 minutes or less technical support response time.  We are the only IT support company in Bergen County with 100% HIPAA-trained staff that can provide you with an onsite comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessment that is guaranteed to stand up to any government audit or review.     


We Provide Our WorryFreeMD HIPAA Risk Assessment In
4 Ways

  1. ONE-TIME HIPAA Compliance Package
  2. HIPAA Assessment & Remediation
  3. Managed Compliance Service
  4. Part of Our WorryFreeMD Managed Service

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Our webinars are designed for primary providers and practice managers that want HIPAA compliance, increased productivity and competitive advantage by utilizing technology 'smarter' in order to grow their practice, get more patients, get paid faster and still leave by 5pm. We eliminate 'geek speak' in our presentations and make them easy to understand for non-technical folks. The series consists of 30 minute webinars that provide guidance and advice on HIPAA, security and technology topics relevant to your practice. A live Q&A session is available at the end of each webinar.

YOUR PRACTICE SIZE DOES NOT MATTER: The Hospice of North Idaho paid HHS $50,000 for a HIPAA breach settlement. This is the first settlement involving a breach of unsecured PHI affecting fewer than 500 individuals. “This action sends a strong message to the health care industry that, regardless of size, covered entities must take action and will be held accountable for safeguarding their patients’ health information.” said OCR Director Leon Rodriguez. [ Source: HHS.GOV ]