WorryFreeMD Partner Program

Earn money when you refer leads that convert to sales

A win-win-win partner

Turn your referrals into a monthly recurring revenue stream for your organization.

Benefits Of Being A WorryFreeMD Partner

  • Ability to earn referral fees of up to 10% on first-year contracts.
  • Additional $100 referral bonus for HIPAA Risk Assessments.
  • WorryFreeMD / HaonTech services are completely non-competitive to yours.
  • Our partnership will increase your profits without costing you a dime in overhead, marketing, or other operational costs.  WE COVER ALL THE COSTS!
  • We can also create and send out all the marketing communications – with your approval -- to eliminate or greatly minimize the work involved by you.  WE DO ALL THE WORK!
  • We make a special offer to your clients on your behalf. 
  • We unconditionally guarantee our services in order to help alleviate any fears about referrals.
  • Fundraising option available where referral fees are sent to charity of your choice.
  • No program fee or other financial investments required.

Membership Requirements

This partner program is only for Business Associates who would like an additional monthly recurring revenue stream by referring WorryFreeMD to your list of qualified contacts.  If you only want to refer a single random contact at time or you simply do not do any direct marketing, please see our regular Referral Program instead.  Marketing goals are the cornerstone of our partner program requirements, with partners who demonstrate the highest level of commitment earning the highest level of rewards. A minimum of one (1) approved marketing campaign to a list of qualified leads is required. The WorryFreeMD Referral Partner Program is an invitation-only program. 

WorryFreeMD Partner Program

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Additional Monthly Recurring Revenue